Fit Recovery

Welcome to our newest facility here at the gym –  Fit Recovery!


our newest facilityfit recovery

A full length fit Recovery session is 60 minutes; featuring Normatec recovery boots, premium 0 gravity 3D massage chairs, restorative infra red saunas, with ice compression or massage guns to finish. Fit recovery isn’t just about improving sports performance or recovering from your gym session, but can be a psychological break from your routine, leaving you recharged to take on your goals, whatever they may be

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Normatec Recovery Boots

These patented boots use dynamic air compression to create a restorative massage shown to increase circulation, for a powerful recovery and help you feel refreshed fast.

3D Massage Chairs

These cutting edge chairs offer a full body massage coverage from your head to your toes, thanks to its patented extensive SL-track design. These chairs utilise an advanced body scan system and a 3D roller track for a soothing and consistent massage on your neck and back with numerous customised programs within the 0 gravity chair.

InfraRed Saunas

Relax within our 3 person saunas all to yourself. Our saunas are located in private rooms with private shower facilities also available to refresh yourself after your session.

Massage Guns & Ice Compression

Warm up and recover like the pros with normatecs premium percussion and ice compression devices. These massage guns are seriously strong, and unbelievably quiet. Whilst the ice compression devices harnesses the power of real ice + compression to reduce inflammation and relieve pain better than traditional methods.

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