What are 3 of the biggest mistakes we see people make when they are aiming to shed some fat?

  1. Having a poor eating strategy.

The most common eating mistake for a fat loss goal is having a diet too low in nutrients and calories whilst being too high in carbohydrates. Sugar and carb-rich foods, like fruits, pasta’s, bread and cereals are often eaten too much, whilst protein and nutrient-dense foods like fresh and quality meat and vegetable content are often not eaten enough. A diet so high in processed carbohydrates often leads to insulin resistance and systemic inflammation issues.

2. Not Sleeping enough

There have been a number of studies correlating lack of sleep with obesity. This is due to the reduced ability of your body to regulate hormones that it usually undertakes in your sleep. Again, insulin becomes resistant, whilst ghrelin’s (hunger signalling hormone) production is boosted.

3.   Not utilising weight training

Steady-state cardiovascular training (eg. going for a jog) is often the “go-to” for fat loss in the general population. But for overweight and inflamed individual, the most common outcome is joint issues. Overdoing this type of training also leads to excessive loss in muscle mass, lowering your metabolic rate (avg. calories burnt) and strength. Weight training nullifies these effects and usually lead to better body composition. High-intensity interval training is another favourable option for body composition after being proven in many studies to be more effective for fat loss than steady-state cardio.

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