meetedward coulthard


Director of Sports Science, seasoned Olympic lifting & functional fitness competitor & coach, gifted athlete, head of marketing, Father & co-owner of Fit Republic

Edward’s love and passion for all things sports started at a very young age. He played soccer, cricket and football growing up with football being the sport he truly enjoyed playing. He is known for his passion for exercise and dedication.

You might hear many stories about his commitment to training/weightlifting including the one about him being pulled up by airport security as a 14-year-old boy because he had packed nothing but dumbells in his luggage while going on holiday with his family.

After finishing school he went on to study Exercise Sports Science at University. While at Uni he completed his certificate in fitness and got his first job working as a personal trainer in Werribee. After graduating from university, Edward went on to secure an internship with the Western Bulldogs in Footscray. While he enjoyed the athletic side of his work, he didn’t find what truly made him happy.

Edward had been to many gyms but he had never found one that provided what he saw was truly needed – a premium service. In 2015 he opened Maine fitness – which still successfully runs to this day.

He competed regularly in Crossfit competitions where he met friend and now business partner – Gareth.

In 2018, together they took over operations at Fit Republic and they have been unstoppable since. They have expanded the Fit family with Reformer Republic, Central Vic Performance and the Health Project being born.

Edward still continues his passion for any type of physical sport from weights, conditioning or football. He is now playing for the Harcourt football club.

If Edward isn’t taking clients on the gym floor, or training, he enjoys spending time outdoors and treating himself to a wine in his downtime.

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