Top tips pre game

Routine. From both studying sport psychology at school and personal experience. More important than anything is sticking to your routine. Naturally this is most crucial in the direct lead to the game (eg 30-60min prior). Whether it be listening to music, a stretch or a psych up routine, keeping it consistent from week to week will help put your frame of mind and body in a consistent place each w

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Unilateral vs. Bilateral training: Why Not Both?

A bilateral exercise movement is when both limbs are used in unison to contract the muscles, which creates force, and subsequently moves a given load as in the case of a back squat, deadlift, or barbell bench press. In contrast, a unilateral exercise movement is when each limb works independently of the other to create the desired movement, such as in the case of a lunge, box step-up, split squat, or DB floor press.

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A North African & Middle Eastern dish traditionally eaten for breakfast. Shakshuka literally means “a mixture” but most versions are vegetarian with beans. Eggs are a high quality source of protein plus they have the added benefits of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B12 & they are rich in minerals such as iron & zinc

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